Historic Preservation & Multifamily

Preserve Your Historic Structure With Ease

Rely on us for historic building preservation services in Shreveport, LA

While keeping your house in tiptop shape is always important, it’s even more so if you have a historic home. There’s no reason to stress when you have iARCHiTECTURE by your side. We offer historic building preservation services in the Shreveport, LA area. Our historic building preservation team will follow all national and state rules to keep your home’s original integrity and character. You’ll also be eligible for tax credits when you hire us.

What can we do for standard homes?

Even if your home isn’t historic, it should still look how you prefer. Luckily for you, we can make it so. We offer multifamily building renovation services to make you fall in love with your home all over again. But if you’d rather start over and build an entirely new home, we can take care of that too.

Let us show you all of what we can do. Call today to schedule multifamily building renovation services.